DNA 20 Accepted Papers for DNA20 Track (A) - Full Paper

Fumiya Okubo and Takashi Yokomori. The Computational Capability of Chemical Reaction Automata
Robert Brijder. Output Stability and Semilinear Sets in Chemical Reaction Networks and Deciders
Matthew R. Lakin, Rasmus Petersen, Kathryn E. Gray and Andrew Phillips. Abstract modelling of tethered DNA circuits
Neil Dalchau, Georg Seelig and Andrew Phillips. Computational design of reaction-diffusion patterns using DNA-based chemical reaction networks
Oscar Ibarra. On Decidability and Closure Properties of Language Classes with Respect to Bio-Operations
Ho-Lin Chen, David Doty, Dhiraj Holden, Chris Thachuk, Damien Woods and Chun Tao Yang. Fast algorithmic self-assembly of simple shapes using random agitation
Dominic Scalise and Rebecca Schulman. Emulating Cellular Automata in Chemical Reaction-Diffusion Networks
Rachel Cummings, David Doty and David Soloveichik. Probability 1 computation with chemical reaction networks
Lulu Qian and Erik Winfree. Parallel and scalable computation and spatial dynamics with DNA-based chemical reaction networks on a surface
Cody Geary and Ebbe Sloth Andersen. Strand Path Design for Large Single-Stranded RNA Origami Structures