DNA 20 Accepted Papers for DNA20 Track (B) - One Page Abstract

Ryosuke Iinuma, Peng Yin, Ralf Jungmann, Yonggang Ke, Thomas Schlichthaerle and Wohrstein Johannes. Polyhedra Self-Assembled from DNA Tripods and Characterized with 3D DNA-PAINT
John Schreck, Thomas Ouldridge, Flavio Romano, Liam Shaw, Ard Louis and Jonathan Doye. Single-stranded DNA hairpins primarily promote duplex melting rather than inhibiting hybridization
Katherine Dunn, Frits Dannenberg, Thomas Ouldridge, Marta Kwiatkowska, Andrew Turberfield and Jonathan Bath. Guiding the folding pathway of DNA origami
Di Liu, Gang Chen and Yossi Weizmann. Creating Complex Molecular Topologies by Configuring DNA Four-Way Junctions
Christophe David, Jonathan Lee Tin Wah and Andre Estevez-Torres. Folding pathway of DNA nanostructures at the single molecule level
Cody Geary, Paul Rothemund and Ebbe Sloth Andersen. A Single-Stranded Architecture for Cotranscriptionally Folded RNA Tiles
Steven Perrault and William Shih. Virus-Inspired Membrane Encapsulation of DNA Nanostructures
Michael Mertig, Elisabeth Schreyer, Matthew Wiens, Anja Henning and Nora Haufe. Chemical in-situ control over the geometric dimensions of DNA origami
Jason Lomnitz and Michael Savageau. Automatic Enumeration and Discrimination of Phenotypes for Synthetic Gene Circuitry
Andrew Turberfield, Richard Muscat, Jonathan Bath, Mireya Mckee, Phillip Milnes and Rachel O'Reilly. An Autonomous Molecular Assembler for Programmable Chemical Synthesis
Anthony J. Genot, Alexandre Baccouche, Remi Sieskind, Nathanael Aubert, Jean-Francois Bartolo, Valerie Taly, Teruo Fujii and Yannick Rondelez. High resolution landscape of a molecular program
Andrew Ellington, Yan Du, Yu Sherry Jiang, John Milligan, Bingling Li, Sanchita Bhadra and Yuefeng Rose Wu. A sweet spot for nucleic acid circuits- Coupling isothermal amplification via nucleic Acid Circuits to glucometers
Ashwin Gopinath and Paul W. K. Rothemund. Directed self-assembly and covalently coupling of single-molecule DNA origami nanoarrays