DNA20 PROGRAM Ver.3 (as of Sept. 14)

Please see this LINK to find the program in PDF version.

Monday, September 22

Start Time Activity Chair
9:00 Open Reception Desk
10:00 Tutorial 1 Masami Hagiya/ New generation molecular computing and control S.Murata
11:00 Tutorial 2 Kazutoshi Takahashi/ Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of cellular reprogramming H.Saito
12:00 Lunch on your own
13:25 Opening Remark Hirohide Saito
13:30 Plenary Talk 1 Hiroshi Sugiyama/ Single-molecule Observation in the DNA Origami Nanostructures N.Seeman
14:30 Ryosuke Iinuma, Yonggang Ke, Ralf Jungmann, Thomas Schlichthaerle ,Johannes Wohrstein and Peng Yin/ Polyhedra Self-Assembled from DNATripods and Characterized with 3D DNA-PAINT N.Seeman
15:00 Break 15 min
15:15 Ashwin Gopinath and Paul W. K. Rothemund/ Directed self-assembly of covalently-coupled DNA origami nanoarrays A.E.-Torres
15:45 Michael Mertig, Elisabeth Schreyer, Matthew Wiens, Anja Henning and Nora Haufe/ Chemical in-situ control over the geometric dimensions of DNA origami A.E.-Torres
16:15 Break 15 min
16:30 Steven Perrault and William Shih/ Virus-Inspired Membrane Encapsulation of DNA Nanostructures to Achieve In Vivo Stability A.Kuzuya
17:00 Cody Geary, Paul Rothemund and Ebbe Sloth Andersen/ A Single-Stranded Architecture for Cotranscriptionally Folded RNA Tiles A.Kuzuya
17:30 Poster Session I
18:30 Dinner on your own

Tuesday, September 23

Start Time Activity Chair
9:00 Plenary Talk 2 Cris Calude/ The Quest for Quantum Randomness J. Reif
10:00 Ho-Lin Chen, David Doty, Dhiraj Holden, Chris Thachuk, Damien Woods and Chun Tao Yang/ Fast algorithmic self-assembly of simple shapes using random agitation J. Reif
10:30 Break 30 min
11:00 Rachel Cummings, David Doty and David Soloveichik/ Probability 1 computation with chemical reaction networks S.Seki
11:30 Fumiya Okubo and Takashi Yokomori/ The Computational Capability of Chemical Reaction Automata S.Seki
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Plenary Talk 3 Masaki Sano/ From Non-Equilibrium Physics to Active Matter M.Hagiya
14:30 Anthony J. Genot, Alexandre Baccouche, Remi Sieskind, Nathanael Aubert, Nicolas Bredeche, Jean-Francois Bartolo, Valerie Taly, Teruo Fujii and Yannick Rondelez/ High resolution landscape of a molecular program M.Hagiya
15:00 Break 15 min
15:15 Di Liu, Gang Chen, Usman Akhter, Timothy Cronin and Yossi Weizmann/ Creating Complex Molecular Topologies by Configuring DNA Four-Way Junctions R.Brijder
15:45 Dominic Scalise and Rebecca Schulman/ Emulating Cellular Automata in Chemical Reaction-Diffusion Networks R.Brijder
16:15 Break 15 min
16:30 Neil Dalchau, Georg Seelig and Andrew Phillips/ Computational design of reaction-diffusion patterns using DNA-based chemical reaction networks D.Doty
17:00 Robert Brijder/ Output Stability and Semilinear Sets in Chemical Reaction Networks and Deciders D.Doty
17:30 Poster Session II
18:30 Dinner on your own

Wednesday, September 24

Start Time Activity Chair
9:00 Plenary Talk 4 Shawn Douglas/ Nanoscale Construction with DNA M.Endo
10:00 Katherine Dunn, Frits Dannenberg, Thomas Ouldridge, Marta Kwiatkowska, Andrew Turberfield and Jonathan Bath/ Guiding the folding pathway of DNA origami M.Endo
10:30 Break 30 min
11:00 Christophe David, Jonathan Lee Tin Wah and Andre Estevez-Torres/ Folding pathway of DNA nanostructures at the single molecule level F.Simmel
11:30 John Schreck, Thomas Ouldridge, Liam Shaw, Flavio Romano, Ard Louis and Jonathan Doye/ Single-stranded DNA hairpins primarily promote duplex melting rather than inhibiting hybridization F.Simmel
12:00 Group Photo
Lunch on your own / DNA Steering Comm. Meeting
13:30 Excursion

Thursday, September 25

Start Time Activity Chair
9:00 Plenary Talk 5 Anne Condon/ On folding pathways, recycling, and reversible programming S.Kobayashi
10:00 Lulu Qian and Erik Winfree/ Parallel and scalable computation and spatial dynamics with DNA-based chemical reaction networks on a surface S.Kobayashi
10:30 Break 30 min
11:00 Matthew R. Lakin, Rasmus Petersen, Kathryn E. Gray and Andrew Phillips/ Abstract modelling of tethered DNA circuits N.Jonoska
11:30 Richard Muscat, Jonathan Bath, Mireya Mckee, Phillip Milnes, Rachel O’Reilly and Andrew Turberfield/ An Autonomous Molecular Assembler for Programmable Chemical Synthesis N.Jonoska
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Plenary Talk 6 Rhiju Das/ Nucleic acid design rules from a massive open laboratory A.Conndon
14:30 Oscar Ibarra/ On Decidability and Closure Properties of Language Classes with Respect to Bio-Operations A.Conndon
15:00 Break 30 min
15:30 Cody Geary and Ebbe Sloth Andersen/ Design Principles for Single-Stranded RNA Origami Structures D. Stefanovic
16:00 Yan Du, Yu Sherry Jiang, John Milligan, Bingling Li, Sanchita Bhadra, Yuefeng Rose Wu and Andrew Ellington/ A sweet spot for nucleic acid circuits- Coupling isothermal amplification via nucleic acid circuits to glucometers D. Stefanovic
16:30 Poster Session III
17:30 (move to banquet venue)
19:00 Banquet, Award Ceremony and General Assembly

Friday, September 26  Molecular Robotics Symposium

Start Time Activity Chair
9:30 Open Reception Desk
10:00 Opening Remark Masami Hagiya
10:10 Special Talk 1 Ned Seeman/ Molecular Machines Made from DNA A.Kuzuya
11:10 Special Talk 2 Hiroyuki Asanuma/ Light-powered DNA nanomachine carrying azobenzenes as molecular photon-engine A.Kuzuya
12:10 Lunch on your own
13:30 Panel Discussion S.Murata
15:30 Closig Remark Akihiko Konagaya